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Overview of VNIIMS Activity

M1VNIIMS performs its activity in accordance with legislation, regulations and legal acts of the Russian Federation. Institute’s undertakings are based on implementation of the Federal Law «On Assurance of Measurement Uniformity». The Law is aimed at protection of the rights and legal interests of the citizens, set up by the law order and economy of the Russian Federation from negative consequences of false results of measurements; harmonization of basic principles and provisions of domestic legislation with international practice of Legal metrology. The key task of VNIIMS is to keep research and setting up the State policy in the field of Assurance of Measurement Uniformity in the Russian Federation (Legislation, Legal Acts, and Programmes of National Standardization), establishing advanced metrological infrastructure in Russia.

Types of Activity

Time is a measure of eternity. Our Institute is the direct successor of the first metrological institution — Verification Depot for weights and measures established in Moscow in 1900. The age of our Institute is equivalent to our experience, which has been accumulating thoughts and labour of many generations of metrologists, who created huge metrological potentials of the Russian Federation.
110th Anniversary
On October 1st, 2010 the Russian scientific community celebrated 110th anniversary of establishing in Moscow the first metrological institution - Verification Depot for measures and weights, which actually became the VNIIMS predecessor.
Contact details of the Management.
To work out proposals to set up and to promote implementation of the key tasks of institute activities.
Dissertation Council D.308.001.01
Materials of Dissertations.
Certificates and Licenses
Key activities of the institutes are being performed on the grounds of certificates and licenses.
Scientific and Technical Council
By the order of The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology in accordance with VNIIMS Charter The Scientific Technical Council was established in the institute. The Council is an advisory body, approved by the provision of VNIIMS NTC.