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Dear Colleagues!

Kononogov_SATime is a measure of eternity. Our Institute is the direct successor of the first metrological institution — Verification Depot for weights and measures established in Moscow in 1900. The age of our Institute is equivalent to our experience, which has been accumulating thoughts and labour of many generations of metrologists, who created huge metrological potentials of the Russian Federation. Many years and now on VNIIMS has been occupying this unique position among Russian metrological institutions. On performing with the other metrological institutes fundamental and applied research aimed at the development of measurement standards and measurement theory VNIIMS is the only one in Russia, which takes system-based investigations on the development and improvement of the legal and institutional frameworks of national metrological service. Many well-known scientists and experts have been working for VNIIMS for a long time. They created metrological schools in the fields of legal and applied metrology and in different areas of measurement, including geometric characteristics of the surface, pressure and flow, vibration, high voltage, physical and chemical measurements, measurement systems, the gravitational Metrology. VNIIMS’ scientific potentials allow us to keep abreast of time, which part is the Metrology.
We welcome you with open arms to mutual collaboration.
Sergey A. Kononogov rospis