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Metrology for industrial projects
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Metrological Assurance for the Industry

Metrological assurance of designed and operated potentially hazardous objects. Systematic approach to metrological assurance of industrial safety facilities, starting from the design phase. A particular attention is paid to the stages of manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, and control of technical devices with the use of measuring instruments.


On increasing a single measurement cost, the total cost
metrological assurance should not be increased
with consistently high quality.
Main Projects


Russian Railways
Several years VNIIMS actively collaborates with the divisions of JSC Russian Railways, which perform activity in the field of Metrological Assurance.
On the project Sakhalin-1 oil and gas reserves in the north-eastern shelf of Sakhalin Island are being developing. In October 2001 the project was announced cost-effective.
High voltage measurement standard
The most popular today Standard of units of the scale transformation coefficient and the angle of the phase shift voltage AC power frequency has been investigated and re-equipped.
Sakhalin-2 is the world largest integrated oil and gas project, implemented in the harsh climate of Sakhalin Island in Russia’s Far East.
Metrological Complex
Improving the accuracy and reliability of the results obtained using the newly created equipment, requires the creation of metrology systems and regulatory and procedural framework to ensure unity of measurements in the field of nanotechnology.
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Based on nonlinear multi-dimensional theory of gravity without the contribution of matter in the original action were obtained and studied examples of models that describe together ...
In October 2008 VNIIMS took part in implementation of the federal target programme «Development of infrastructure of nano-industry in 2008-2010». VNIIMS was involved not only in the development of instrumentation for nanotechnology in accordance with its specialization, but also in «the development of methodological component» of this infrastructure.
Alstom, in cooperation with the Russian company «EMA», is the general contractor of constructing turnkey combined cycle of heating unit at the Moscow CHP-26.
Metallurgy Engineering
For several years running Federal State Unitary Enterprise VNIIMS has been performing its activity in the field of metrological assurance of thickness for the metal and engineering industries.