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Calibration capabilities
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VNIIMS Calibration and Measurement Capabilities






Measuring Standards Data

As a Measuring Standards Centre VNIIMS does the following:

  • provides storage and operation of state and working standards and UHT;
  • carries out their research and improvement;
  • conducts basic and applied research to create a new generation of standards.


Calibration and Measurement Capabilities

Allocated Measurement Fields:

  • average pressure;
  • geometrical parameters of machined surfaces;
  • geometric parameters of the deviations from the shape and location of surface;
  • high voltage and extra high voltage;
  • composition and properties of substances by chromatographic and optical methods;
  • linear and angular vibration and variable forces;


State Register of types of measuring instruments admitted to trading in the Russian Federation



The areas of accreditation of public centers for testing of measuring with current certificates as of 01.02.2011


This procedure regulates the general requirements for the organization of work on the formation, conducting examination and publication on the website of Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions (COOMET).
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