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Calibration of measuring instruments

Measuring instruments may be voluntarily calibrated if they are not intended for use in the field of state regulation to ensure measurements uniformity.

Technically calibration may be wider or narrower than verification, depending on the specific requirements of the Customer.

Another difference is that the results of verification are valid during the interval between verifications, while calibration results are only valid at the time of calibration. The person, operating the measuring device, takes the decisions on the future operation and establishing of the inter-calibration interval.

VNIIMS provides the following services in the field of calibration:

  1. Calibration of the measuring instruments by the field of measurements:
    • Geometric quantities;
    • Vibro- and acoustic quantities;
    • Mechanical quantities;
    • Parameters of flow, flow rate, level and volume of material;
    • Pressure and vacuum measurements;
    • Physics- and chemical composition of material and its’ properties;
    • Temperature and thermophysical quantities;
    • Electrical and magnetic quantities;
    • Radioelectronic quantities.
  2. Calibration of informational measuring systems;
  3. Development of methods of measuring instruments calibration.

Certificate of VNIIMS accreditation to calibrate the measuring instruments

PR 50.2.017-95. Provisions on the Russian calibration system