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Meeting of delegation of PTB

On 13th of March 2013 the meeting of delegation of Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt of Germany (PTB), headed by the PTB Prof. President J.H. Ullrich and delegation of Rosstandart, headed by the Deputy Head of Rosstandart Dr. F. Bulygin took place in Rosstandart headquarters. Director of FSUE "VNIIMS" Dr. S. Kononogov, Director of FSUE "VNIIFTRI" S. Donchenko, acting Director of FSUE "VNIIR" V. Solovyov and Deputy Director of FSUE "VNIIIM after D.I. Mendeleev" Dr. Y.A. Kustikov also took part in this event.

PTB delegation also visited FSUE "VNIIOFI" and FSUE "VNIIFTRI" with the purpose of overview of the technical abilities of these institues and discussion of the detailes of cooperation.

In the framework of this meeting heads of delegation, both recently in office, got acquainted with each other, discussed the status of metrological systems in both countries, set the perspectives of cooperation of Russia and Germany in field of metrology for the nearest future.


The main result of this meeting is that the Supplement to Framework Agreement (signed by Rosstandart and PTB in September 16, 2008), which prolonges the validity period of this Agreement for new five years, was signed. The Program of cooperation between PTB and Russian metrological institues will become the annex to the Supplement; now it is on the final stage of agreement and it is planned to be signed during the next meeting of Rossatandart and PTB delegations in autumn 2013.